How To Save & Adjust Measured Wall Length

Appraisers, builders, and contractors will often go out to an existing property and use a laser to take measurements of a property. That enables them to correct their drawings later, so that they correspond to real-world measurements.

Save the Measured Wall length

Easy Blue Print will allow you to enter and save the measured wall length to dimension lines that are attached to walls and make adjustments later. Your measured length will not typically match the length of the dimension line in your drawing.

First, select a dimension line that is attached to a wall. Then click the Measure button on the Drawing tab. In the popup window enter the measured wall length. Press Save to have the program remember the measured length of that wall. You can adjust your drawing later to match the measured length.

Adjust the Wall Length to Match the Measured Length

When you are ready to adjust the dimension line length in your drawing to match the measured length, select the dimension line and click again on the Measure button.

In the popup dialog box, put a “check” in the “Apply measurement to drawing” checkbox. A blue circle will appear around your dimension line. You will need to indicate how you want your drawing to be adjusted. Begin to edit your drawing to make the length in your drawing match the measured length, by adjusting the wall length at either end of the wall.

Easy Blue Print will automatically complete the adjustment so that the dimension line in your drawing matches the measured length. To finish, click on the dimension line again, or go back to the popup and deselect the “Apply measurement to drawing” checkbox, which will cause the blue circle to be removed.

Measure button Save/Update measurement

Watch this short video below to see how to save the measured wall length.


Note: This video has no sound; it has captions pointing out the relevant steps (program version 2.1).

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