How To Convert Lines & Shapes To Walls

A really quick way to draw a basic floor plan is to first draw any shape, and then convert the shape into a floor plan. To do this, click on the Shapes & Text, Measure Area tab. Select a shape to draw, such as a rectangle. Draw the rectangle, click on the Pointer/Select button, and then click on the rectangle to select it (the shape’s outline will change to red, indicating that the object is selected).
Go to the Drawing tab and click on the Convert button. Then click on the Finish button. Your rectangle will automatically be converted into a room with four walls, joined with perfect corners. You can convert any line shape into a room in this manner — arcs, circles, hexagons, triangles, and so on.

Shapes Shapes To Walls

Watch this short video below to see how to autogenerate floor plans.


Note: This video has no sound; it has captions pointing out the relevant steps (program version 2.1).

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