How To Add Dimension Lines

The program has two types of dimension lines: dimension lines that are attached to a wall and adjust with it, and independent dimension lines which remain in their position even a wall's length or position is changed. Dimension lines that are attached to a wall adjust as you change the length of the wall.

An independent dimension line isn't attached to a wall and can exist on its own. Conversely, wall dimension lines are attached to walls and are used to measure the distance between various positions along the wall. Independent dimension lines are best used for measuring distances where at least one end of the dimension line isn`t a wall location. The distance between a bush and a wall corner is a good example of a situation where you may wish to use an independent dimension line.

Independent dimension lines aren't attached to any objects. Therefore, repositioning them won't move the objects positioned near its ends automatically. As a result, after moving an independent dimension line, you may need to also move the objects near its ends.

Even though an independent dimension line is unattached to a wall, you may wish to create a wall that approximately aligns (horizontally or vertically) with one of the ends of a pre-existing independent dimension line. To do this, click on the independent dimension tool, and hover the mouse near one of the ends of an independent dimension line. A small blue box will appear. The mouse is now forced to a position that is vertically or horizontally aligned with the blue box (at the end of the independent dimension line). Carefully move the mouse vertically or horizontally to the desired position and click to being drawing the wall.

Independent dimension line Independent dimension line

Dimension lines attached to a wall

1. Click the Pointer button.
2. Click on the wall to select it.
3. Left click your mouse on one of the control points.
4. Left click your mouse on another control point.
Repeat steps 2-4.
Dimension line attached to a wall Dimension line attached to a wall Dimension line attached to a wall Dimension line attached to a wall

Independent dimension lines

1. Click the Dimension Line button.
2. Left click your mouse on the drawing surface.
3. Move your mouse to draw the dimension line.
4. Left click your mouse to finish drawing the dimension line.
Repeat steps 2-4.
Independent dimension line button Independent dimension line

Watch this short video below to see how to add the dimension lines.


Note: This video has no sound; it has captions pointing out the relevant steps (program version 2.1).

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