Zoom In/Out & Scale

To zoom in on a floor plan drawing, you can click on the Zoom In button on the toolbar. This will let you get “closer” to the drawing so that small things appear larger.

By clicking on the Zoom Out button, you can “fit” more objects of your floor plan drawing on the screen.

You can also zoom to a specific scale. This option is useful if you want to export or print the floor plan with precise scale.
Go to the Scaling & Printing tab, and type in the exact scale you want. This has the same effect as clicking on the zoom buttons.

To view the real world comparison of distances in your drawing, select the “Show Scale” button.

Zoom In/Out button Scale Scale example

Zoom In/Out & Scale - How To “Fit” More Objects On The Screen


Note: This video has no sound; it has captions pointing out the relevant steps (program version 2.1).

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