How To Use Snap To Grid

Do you want to quickly draw a blueprint with accurate, labeled distances, using just a couple of simple mouse clicks?
Surprisingly, you only need to learn a single technique — the “Snap to Grid” — to do it.
This technique always works whenever you need to draw anything with an accurate distance.

The “Snap to Grid” boxes control the increment used when you draw objects. To enter a new increment, type in a new value into the boxes located in the “Snap to Grid” button group. If you start drawing a wall, and the increment is set to 2 feet or 2m, then the wall will be drawn in distances of 2 feet or 2m. If you change the distance to 1 inch (the default), then the distances of objects you draw will be drawn in increments of 1 inch.

The snap to grid distance forces the wall or dimension line to have a length equal to an exact multiple of the “base unit” specified in the snap to grid length box. For example, if the snap to grid box were set to 5 feet, then the length of the independent dimension line will be 5, 10, 20 or 30 feet ... in fact, any multiple of 5.

Make it easy on yourself, don't set a 1mm or 1 inch snap to grid if your dimension line needs to be 50m or 50 feet long.

Snap-To-Grid button Snap-To-Grid button Walls with attached dimension lines

Watch this video to see how Easy Blue Print makes this easy.


Note: This video has no sound; it has captions pointing out the relevant steps (program 2.1).

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