See What Our Customers Are Saying About Easy Blue Print

I've been an Easy Blue Print customer since 2011. My own professional work experience has been in the construction supply industry, as well as Project Construction Manager. Of course, I have done many personal projects as well. I’ve worked with architectural blueprints nearly my entire professional life, as well as CAD. However, I found that Easy Blue Print Professional takes “tech”, and makes it easy!! I create scale prints for my project ideas, preliminary drawings to present to buyers and architects, and layouts for easy viewing. This program allows you to add all your personal touches for a clearer image of your project. I am VERY pleased with the program’s user-friendly format. Customer service is super and prompt. Highly recommended!

Lanny Freeman, Retired and still at it!

Great program and includes many different trades for a complete system.

Lee Greenwood

I am a licensed engineer and my company is involved in forensic engineering work. I have been using Easy Blue Print for only a short time but find it to be extremely easy to use and very helpful in doing the floor plans that I need for my reports.

Glenn Hardin, Principal Engineer

By the way your Easy Blue Print program is fantastic. Over the years have used other programs examples: ACAD light and Turbo CAD. For doing layouts quickly & accurately like EBB better.

Mr Eisenhut

I want to tell you how easy this software is to use. I am not an architect, I am a mother and wife. Even though my husband is in construction, I have acted as the general contractor as we have built 6 of our own homes. I have drawn all the blueprints for them using software that we have purchased. Over the years I have tried using several different programs. Some were so complicated that I would just give up and draw the print by hand. This program by far is the easiest. We have decided to build what I hope is our last home. I was looking for a user friendly program, which is almost impossible to find, and found yours. I was a little hesitant at first to buy but since you had the money back guarantee, I took the chance. I bought it on Sunday night and had the first floor drawn out by Monday with doors/windows/cabinets all in place. I didn't even have to read the instructions. Now I do plan to read them to do more detail on tracing and getting the other floors laid out, but what a joy it has been to just get my ideas on the drawing board! Thank you so much for developing a program that really is the easiest and gets the job done.

Sally Squire, Saratoga Springs, UT

I don't usually do this, but I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I've been in residential/light industrial construction and I've never used a program that was so comprehensive yet simple. Its everything a person needs at a reasonable price. Symbol libraries are filled with something that meets what your looking for. I haven't figured out all the finer points, but after using it for only a day I feel confident in saying its a program I will definitely continue to use and recommend to others. Thanks!

Michael Chabra, Member of Chabra Construction, LLC.

I am becoming very skilled at the program, thanks to the tips which you have periodically sent me, as well as my becoming familiar with all the commands. I have a large task to make floor plans of several hundred apartment suites, from 1 to 4 bedroom units. My first effort, a 2 bedroom unit, took me over three hours. Now I can do a typical 2-bedroom unit in 20 to 30 minutes, and that's showing all the doors and windows and fixtures. So you have my endorsement and you are free to use whatever testimonial or excerpt from this email as you wish.

Jim Glueck

I absolutely love your program. The standard Level of "Easy Blue Print" is great. However, the Pro Level is Fantastic. I found using "Easy Blue Print" has given me the opportunity to design our Modular Home floor plans exactly as our customers want in a matter of just a few minutes. I don't need to run to the Engineers every time I need to know if that tub or window will fit in that area. Easy Blue Print has been a time saving program that I find myself using everyday! I was shocked at how cheap the Pro version was. It was well worth it. Thank you.

Linda Dimmick, Dave Williams Modular Homes, Southern Illinois

EBtech Industrial is a manufacturer of modular wall systems. Our products are used to create structures used for Clean Rooms, Environmental Rooms, Inplant Offices, CMM Rooms, Paint Enclosures, etc. We also manufacture exterior Guard Buildings and structural steel mezzanines. See our products at www.ebtechindustrial.com. I use Easy Blue Print to create plan view drawings of the structures that I sell. I find that it is much easier and faster to do these simple drawings in Easy Blue Print than it is in Autocad Lite which I also run.

I am not an architect or draftsman. Easy Blue Print Pro gave me the opportunity to produce professional looking drawings of our new clinic to show to the bank while looking for funding. It also helped us get an idea of what would fit where as we were designing our renovation project. This has been a wonderful program with constant improvements, great support, and a great price. Thanks a lot!

We design and manufacture indoor and outdoor saunas. With Easy Blue Print we can quickly show clients impressive custom sauna layouts to supplement sauna kit quotes and invoices. We have tried several other 'easy' CAD programs before deciding on this program. Easy Blue Print is an easy and accurate program that just about anyone could understand. I do not think I could have found a better program for the price. See our Easy Blue Print sauna layout drawings at SuperiorSaunas.com

Kris K., Superior Sauna & Cabin Mfg. LLC

What a great program it was easy and fast to design our new offices with your easy blueprint software. In just a few days we went from a few ideas on paper thru several revisions to to a final layout we could give the contractor. Our contractor loved the professional look of the drawing and said he had no questions about what we had in mind. Now if you could just make an easy contractor program we would really be happy.

Kevin Johnson, President
APR Aviation

I am now a fairly handy DIY homeowner, but 4 years ago I was a relative novice. After years of dreaming about it, I decided to finish a portion of our basement. I started by drafting the design on graph paper but making changes in the design drove me crazy. I decided to get a software package to help. The first one I found was very difficult to understand, and at the point I gave up trying to figure it out, I was convinced learning the software package would have taken longer than finishing the basement project itself. I then came across EZBlueprint. That was nearly four years ago. The software was inexpensive and fairly easy to learn. And when I had questions, EZBlueprint Support was responsive and helpful. I've now submitted plans to our local city on three major house projects (a rec room, a bathroom and an exercise room). I've used the plans to figure out furniture layouts too. And now I'm designing a mudroom to add to our house. I really love this program and highly recommend it.

Gareth Matthews, DIY homeowner

I am a DIY builder building my own house and I am using your software to create the plans for the house I am building. I have completed the foundation and the first floor platform framing using your software for my layout and I have found the software is excellent!
I have more IT experience than carpentry experience, and the software is well written and truly "easy", and is making my carpentry layout work much easier. In my opinion, the software is an adequate substitute for a professional architect's blue prints if you are building your own house and have good basic building-carpentry skills.
I see three basic groups of DIY home builders. The first is the person needing every detail layed out in advance before starting the project. The second is the build-as-you-go person who has a very basic idea of what he wants to build with virtually no plans on paper. The third is the person in-between the first and the second. In my opinion, EZblueprint is ideal for the third type builder, but would also serve the first person quite well. Thank you for making this excellent product available, and please keep up the good work.

Tim Spiess

There are a lot of floor plan drawing programs. But most of them are complicated and you need to spend a huge amount of time to get up to speed. I need to get things done fast, and I need something that is accurate and looks professional. I bought Easy Blue Print over a year ago. Now I use it about as much as I use Word.

Michael White, Property Investor