Ready-to-use Symbol Libraries

The program comes with a set of predefined symbol libraries. It also lets you create your own custom symbols, and your own custom symbol libraries. The symbol libraries are stored in a zip file so that they can be downloaded quickly.

The download link to the existing libraries is provided below in case you need to download them again later.
Click To Download

Below are the download links to the additional new custom symbol libraries that were not included with the program.

The zip file below contains front view symbols for cabinets, tables & sofas.
Click To Download

How do I download symbol libraries?

To download the zip file, click the download link.

Extract the example drawings from the zip file by right-clicking on the file and choose Extract All. Click Next. Click Next again. Click Finish.

This will automatically unzip the file to the same location where you downloaded the original zip file and will pop-up the new files into a new window.

Where do I copy the symbol library file(s)?

Open the program and go to Symbols tab and click the Import library button.

The Import button opens a dialog box where you can select and import a custom symbol library file (any file with the extension .bpz).

Use the file dialog box to find the location of your symbol library file, then select the file and click the Open button.

Restart the program. The next time you run Easy Blue Print, you should be able to see the library in the library drop down.

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Examples of some of the Easy Blue Print symbol libraries.

Symbols example - kitchen
Symbols example - living room
Symbols example - patio furniture
Symbols example - sofas
Symbols example - sofas front view
Symbols example - tables
Symbols example - bedroom
Symbols example - cabinets
Symbols example - bedroom
Symbols example - bedroom