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Software Registration Process

In order to use any of our products you need to register your email address with us. We will not use your email address to send you advertisements or any un-requested information. We need your email in order to give you some form of unique "user identity".

When you register your email address, you get full access to our FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT, product downloads, symbol libraries, and upload/download/sharing services.

After we receive your email we will send you a registration code that lets you get access any of these FREE services. It is important that you protect the email registration code that we send you so that other people cannot abuse YOUR USER IDENTITY. Over time, your user identity will get you access to special services, or access to our new you definitely want to protect your email registration code.

When you purchase a product, or an add-on package, we will send you an "upgrade key" that you can use to upgrade your products. Our database servers keep track of all the products that you have purchased, so that wherever you are, you can always download or upgrade the products that you have already downloaded for free using your email user identity. It is important that you don't share or distribute your purchase codes.

Easy Blue Print Software - the usual process for installing the software is as follows:
Sign up for Easy Blue Print software by providing us with your email address.
Wait for us to send you your email address registration code.
Install the Easy Blue Print software setup program.
Provide your email address and registration code the first time you start the software.
If you want to purchase add-on products or upgrades to Easy Blue Print version, click on the "registration" menu item, and enter the upgrade key that you got after purchasing.

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