Registration Key

When you first time run the Easy Blue Print program you will be asked for your email and registration key.

Enter your email address and we will send you the registration information. After you fill in the form below and submit it to us login to your email box. There should be an email with the subject “Easy Blue Print Registration Key” that has your key. If you don't find it in your inbox in the next 30 minutes, be sure to look in your spam/bulk folder.

If you run into problems, please send an email to


Windows 10 & 8 — To start up the program open the Start screen (press the Windows key) and scroll to the right you should see an icon. If you do not see the icon then just start typing Easy Blue Print. As you type the first letter, the Start screen clears, presenting a list names beginning with that letter. When you spot the app, open it with a double-click.

Windows 7 — To start up the program go to Start (bottom left corner on your screen) » All Programs » Easy Blue Print and click on the Run Easy Blue Print menu.

To switch between imperial and metric measurements go to Settings tab and check the check box called “Display metric units”.