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How To Export Drawing And Create Brochure

Note: When you use Printable Image tool to export your floor plan drawings to JPEG/BITMAP images make sure to adjust the size (zoom in/out) before exporting them.

When you resize the images in other programs like Microsoft Word they may look blurry.

Here are 4 easy steps to export floor plan drawing or to create real estate brochure or flyer:
1.  Click the Printable Image tool
2.  Draw a bounding rectangle around the portion of the drawing you want to create an image of by clicking with the left mouse, holding the mouse button down, and dragging a rectangle around the “photograph” area. When finished, let the left mouse button up. A dialog box will appear.
3.  Type in the name of a file to save an image…or just hit the cancel button.
4.  Use the edit/paste command from your other drawing program in order to paste the image.
Or, just take the image that you created on disk and use the image that was created there in your other program.

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NOTE: This video has no sound; it has captions pointing out the relevant steps.


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