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How To Create And Delete Custom Symbols

Note: When you create your symbols make sure to save the drawing (file with extension .bp) so you do not lose your work. This way you will be able to edit and to make changes later on and add the updated version of the symbol to the library. Then you can decide if you want to keep or delete the old version.

Pro version lets you create your own custom symbols. Instead of just using the Furniture or Appliance libraries, you can load symbols from custom libraries that you have created.

To create a new symbol:
1. Use the drawing tools below to create a custom symbol. The Shape Properties panel (inside Shape Editing tab) will let you update the width and height of the selected shapes.
2. Select a library that you want to store your symbol in.
3. Click the Pointer tool and draw a selection box around the shapes you want to convert into the symbol.
4. Once the shapes are selected, click on the Symbols button and then click the Create New Symbol menu.
The program will ask you to type in a name for your symbol. Enter a name, and click OK.
5. Save your drawing (file with an extension .bp).
To delete a symbol:
1. Select symbol from the drop down.
2. Click on the Symbols button and then click on the Delete Symbol From Library menu.

Note: The symbol will be removed from the library and permanently deleted.

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