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Click To Download Your Copy of New Version of Easy Blue Print (IMPERIAL VERSION)
Alternate Download Link (IMPERIAL VERSION)
Click To Download Your Copy of Easy Blue Print (METRIC VERSION)

NOTE: To switch between metric and imperial measurements go to Settings tab and check the check box called "Display metric units".
You can also set your measurements in m with 2 decimal points or mm.


Existing users - use your old registration key.
New users - click the button below to receive the registration key.


Free Download

How Easy Blue Print software is delivered?

Easy Blue Print is delivered electronically. That is, once your online order form is submitted you will be able to download the copy of the software immediately.

How do I install my software?

The application will be downloaded and you will be asked to verify that you want to install it. Once the application is installed, you can run it from the Start menu shortcut.
Right mouse-click on the link you want to download from. Download the file to your Desktop.
Once you selected "Save Target As..." or "Save Links As..." a download screen will come up, asking you where you want to save the file to your computer.
It is suggested you save the file to your "Desktop" or another folder you can easily find to quickly locate it once the download is complete.

Download the setup.exe file. Double click on the setup.exe file and start the installation process.
When you first time run the Easy Blue Print program you will be asked for your email and registration key.

The software will install the Microsoft Framework 2.0 on your computer.