Sample Floor Plan Drawings

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    Right mouse-click on the download link. Next, choose Save Target As.... A download screen will come up, asking you where you want to save the file on your computer.
    Save the file to your Desktop or another folder you can find easily. You want to be able to find the folder quickly once the download is complete.

  • Extract example drawings from the zip file.

    Right-click on the file and choose Extract All. Click Next. Click Next again. Click Finish. This will automatically unzip the file to the same location where you downloaded the original zip file and pop-up the new files in a new window.


Click on the images below to preview sample floor plan drawings included in the file.

  • Floor Plan
    A full floor plan for the first level of a home.
  • Master Bedroom
    An elegant, simple master bedroom floor plan. Features a walk-in closet, a bedroom and bath. Nice use of symbols.
  • Cottage
    A cottage floor plan.
  • A room with multiple zones.
    The room has multiple zones - all feel connected.
  • Bedroom
    A small bedroom with a dresser.
  • Kitchen
    An island kitchen.
  • Coffee Shop
    An open, comfortable floor plan for a coffee shop. Features a service counter, couches, tables and a bathroom.
  • Restaurant
    A basic restaurant dining area floor plan with outside sitting.
  • Office
    A functional office with office cubicals, reception, conference rooms.
  • Office
    A small office cubical workarea.
  • Office Electrical Floor Plan
    A small office electrical floor plan.
  • Grocery Store Floor Plan
    A small grocery store floor plan..
  • Office Emergency/Evacuation Floor Plan
    A small office emergency/evacuation floor plan.
  • Restaurant Emergency/Evacuation Floor Plan
    A restaurant emergency/evacuation floor plan.
  • House Emergency/Evacuation Floor Plan
    A house emergency/evacuation floor plan.
  • Legend for Emergency/Evacuation Floor Plan
    Legend for the emergency/evacuation floor plan.
  • Dining Room
    A simple room with a dining room table.
  • Living Room
    A simple living room floor plan. Nice use of symbols.
  • Bathroom
    A small bathroom for an apartment or a condo.
  • Bathroom
    A master bathroom.